Multi-function GPS tracker is widely used

 With the continuous expansion of GPS positioning technology, the function and application industry are becoming more and more extensive, so what convenience does GPS locator bring us?


For private car owners


1. GPS can realize real-time positioning and tracking. After installing the GPS locator, the owner can enter the GPS positioning monitor to view the information of the vehicle at any time. 6 months Historical driving record, driving speed, driving duration, etc.)


2. Anti-theft, if unfortunately a thief patronizes, dont be afraid, as long as you can find the location of your car through the monitoring platform or mobile phone APP.




3. Worry-free someone borrow your car. Install the car GPS locator, which solves the unspeakable secrets of private car owners. When you lended a car, you always feel unreliable in your heart. After install the locator, you can control the whereabouts of your car in real time, and you will never have to worry about lended a car anymore.


4. When going out, as a family member, they will always look forward to your safe return. The worry in your heart cannot be resolved. The GPS positioning system can report safety to relatives and friends during the positioning process, share your position at any time, and make your journey home visible , To reduce family worries, let your family pay attention to your way home and wait for your return.




For companies


1. GPS locator, which can make full use of GPS function to manage vehicles, to achieve the purpose of cost savings, the private use of public vehicles is becoming serious day by day, and the cost of using vehicles by enterprises is also constantly increasing. In the event of an accident, the GPS tracker not only strengthens management and deterred violators of discipline, but also greatly improved the safety factor and reduced costs.


2. After installing the GPS locator, the driver's driving habits can be regulated, the vehicle's speeding records can be counted, and the speed and direction of the vehicle can be clearly displayed at the time, so as to help you improve your driving habits, save fuel consumption, and travel green. The GPS positioning system is used to evaluate the driver's restraint and reduce accidents.




For auto finance companies


Installing a GPS locator is a necessary risk management method for car loan companies. The core competitiveness of finance is risk control, and the key to risk control is risk management and control capabilities, which are mainly focused on customer selection before loan and GPS location management after loan. But no matter how good the loan customers are, there is always risk in investment, and zero risk does not exist.




Therefore, for microfinance companies, once the borrower defaults, in addition to launching the necessary safeguards, the platform chooses to install an GPS tracker.

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