How many types of thermometers are there?

 How many types of thermometers are there? 

Thailand Headline News Agency Things you need to know! ! ! If someone intends to buy a thermometer that can be used to measure body temperature and carry it with you, what do you need to consider?

During the period of New Coronary Pneumonia, people's daily necessities include masks and hand sanitizer.

But in the past few weeks, the new corona coronavirus (covid-19) has spread in Thailand and has infected a large number of people. The necessary items at this stage are the mask and hand sanitizer, which is the thermometer, because the initial symptom of the infected person is fever.

Body temperature measurement is the most basic detection method. In general, thermal imaging cameras and portable probes are used as detection equipment to detect the temperature of airport passengers for preliminary judgment. In addition, when entering the shopping mall, office building, conference room, and other places with a large number of personnel, the temperature of the entry and exit personnel needs to be tested.

In general, the average body temperature of a person is 36.6-37.4 ° C. For those suspected of having fever or other symptoms, the body temperature is generally higher than 37.5 ° C.

The Thai Ministry of Public Health reiterated that measuring body temperature is the most basic method for judging new coronary pneumonia.

In general, if anyone is worried and wants to buy a thermometer for peace of mind, they need to understand the use of the thermometer and how it works, in order to be able to measure body temperature more accurately and effectively.

The type of thermometer and how to use it.

The Medical Engineering Department divided the thermometers into the following four categories through the principles of thermometers:


1. Glass tube thermometer

The temperature is measured by the thermal expansion and contraction of mercury in the glass rod. This kind of thermometer is usually used for the temperature measurement of adults and young children, but it is not suitable for the temperature measurement of infants.

The advantage is that the measured body temperature is reliable and accurate. However, the longer measurement time is not conducive to the temperature screening of a large number of people.

2. Electronic digital thermometer

Developed from a glass tube thermometer, it can measure temperature with digital display. This type of thermometer is usually placed under the armpit or mouth, and the temperature will be displayed on the display after a period of time. It is suitable for the temperature measurement of adults, older children and infants, and it can also be used to measure the anus temperature of babies.

Advantages: The measured body temperature is relatively reliable and accurate. Compared with mercury thermometers, it takes less time, but it still takes too long, which is not conducive to screening a large number of people.

3. Ear Thermometer

It uses the infrared sensor to measure the heat dissipation principle of the human body without touching the skin surface. It has a digital display and is easy to read. Place it at the cochlea to measure.

Advantages: short time, fast reading, suitable for screening a large number of people, but need to pay attention to ear canal infection.

4. Forehead thermometer gun

The forehead thermometer is an upgraded product to prevent ear canal infections. The infrared sensor measures the temperature of the human body at a very fast speed, and has a digital display, which is suitable for screening a large number of people. Just place it on the forehead and measure.

Advantages: fast measurement speed, which is helpful for screening a large number of people. However, the measurement results in areas other than the forehead, such as the ear canal and the palm of the hand, may have certain errors. Incorrect use of the forehead gun will also cause errors in the measurement results, resulting in inaccurate body temperature measurements. Therefore, when using the forehead thermometer and ear thermometer, you must strictly follow the instructions.

Associate Professor Jesada Denduangboraphan of the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University saw on Facebook that some companies and shopping malls use temperature testers as forehead thermometers to screen for fevered people, and expressed their views: temperature test guns and thermometers should not be confused . Obviously, the measurement range of the temperature verification gun is extremely wide (-50-380 degrees Celsius). It is suitable for the measurement of the surface temperature of various materials, not just the temperature of the human body, so the measurement accuracy is difficult to grasp. The maximum error range is positive and negative 1.5 ℃ is not accurate enough to distinguish between patients with mild fever and people without fever. Therefore, infrared thermometers like this are not suitable for measuring the temperature of the human body, and cannot accurately identify the person who starts the heat, or even cause the company personnel to be infected.


Article reprinted from "Thailand Headlines"

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