What is the difference between an industrial infrared thermometer and an infrared thermometer?

Industrial infrared thermometer can measure the human body?

China News, March 7, (Du Yan, Zhang Xi). Aiming at the question of whether an infrared thermometer can be replaced with an industrial infrared thermometer, Yao Hejun, the director of the Beijing Academy of Metrology and Inspection Sciences, introduced at a press conference on the 7th that the measuring range of industrial infrared thermometers is usually 30 ° C-1000 ℃, the measurement accuracy within the human body temperature range is generally greater than ± 1.0 ℃, and there is no body temperature mode, which is not suitable for human body temperature measurement. In addition, he mentioned that the infrared forehead thermometer itself does not produce radiation and is very safe.

(Industrial thermometer)

There are many types of infrared thermometers. For example, the temperature of the forehead is lower than the core temperature of the body, that is, the forehead temperature is not what we usually call the body temperature, it is lower than the body temperature. Therefore, the infrared thermometer should be based on the conversion process. Industrial thermometers It should be the measured surface temperature of the object, that is, a few degrees on the surface.


(Electronic thermometer)

PS: The most standard body temperature is anal temperature measurement; in the event of conflict between the electronic thermometer and the mercury thermometer, the mercury thermometer shall prevail.

(Mercury thermometer)


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