How TKSTAR reads vehicle ACC status via GPS tracker

 The vehicle ACC status represents the starting and stopping status of our vehicle.


When the vehicle ACC status is displayed as On, it means that our vehicle has been turned on;


When the vehicle ACC status is off, it means that our vehicle is in a stalled state.



So how can we read the ACC status of a vehicle through a GPS tracker?


Under normal circumstances, we can directly learn the ACC status of our vehicles through the GPS positioning monitoring platform.


Assume that the user is using the TKSTAR: tracking platform.


Then the user can see the ACC status of the vehicle uploaded by the GPS locator to the platform on the monitoring page of the app and PC.


ACC can check vehicle status.


It can also be used as an enterprise vehicle administrator to determine whether the enterprise vehicle has a waste of resources.


Stop the waste of vehicle resources by employees of manufacturing companies in a timely manner.


Of course, this function can also be easily implemented in the instant positioner monitoring system.

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